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    Dating daniel

    552 - 545 BCE.) However, no evidence exists for the assassination of Belshazzar and it is known from conclusive extra-Biblical evidence that in fact Cyrus of Persia took the Babylonian crown from Nabonidus in 539.Darius was the second successor to Cyrus after Cambyses and he (Darius) ascended the Persian throne in 522 BCE.Furthermore he makes no mention of the fact that it was the Edict of Cyrus of 538 BCE.which finally allowed the Hebrews to return to Israel.[Introduction: Critics on Daniel] [Placement in Canon] [Jesus Ben Sirach] [Historical Issues] [Linguistic Issues] [Indications of Early Date] [The 4 Kingdoms Issue] [Conclusion] Outside of the Pentateuch, no book of the OT has been subjected to as much scrutiny as the Book of Daniel.The detailed and accurate prophecies contained in that book have motivated many, Skeptic and professed believer alike, to subscribe to the theory of a late date of composition for Daniel in the time of the Maccabees.A word to begin, relative to the state of the question at hand. Since Driver first wrote, the arguments about Daniel have barely changed (Eccl.In many cases we shall cite an argument originally used by a critic who wrote at the beginning of this century, S. 1:9) - indeed, some of the arguments that Driver later retracted are still in use by some critics.

    Their view was that the Hebrew prophets were "forthtellers" not "foretellers" -- though a careful study of the prophets shows that this is a clear overstatement. Palestinian and Egyptian reckoning (most common in the Old Testament) counts the months between a king's accession and the new year as a complete year.

    Some say the editor in the 2nd century used certain traditions to compose the final form of Daniel.

    Others have said that the book has many authors (one scholar says that there were six authors).

    Tissot, 'By the Waters of Babylon' (1896-1903), The Jewish Museum, New York. Tissot illustrates Psalm 137:1-2: " By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion.

    There on the poplars we hung our harps...." Any study of the dating of the Book of Daniel must begin with the dates imbedded within the text.

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